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Three Ways to Buy A Bee & Save A Bee! 

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Because it meets all U.S. safety standards for children's toys, our bee is the perfect holiday gift!

Imagine Plush Bee

Imagine Plush Bee

A baby friendly plush that saves bees!

Raw Honey & Plush Gift Set

Raw Honey & Plush Gift Set

The perfect way to say "Bee Mine"

Raw Local Honey

Raw Local Honey

This adorable honey bear is included in the Raw Honey & Plush Gift Set.

Handmade Beeswax Lip Balm

Handmade Beeswax Lip Balm

This artisan lip balm is included in the Imagine Plush Raw Honey Gift Set! Made with love by Hope Honey Farm.

      Buy the Bee!  Available online  through the Imagine Plush Bees Etsy store.


          Buy a limited edition Raw Honey Gift Set that includes:

  • The Imagine Plush Bee

  • A mini bear of raw, local honey from Hope Honey Farm, and

  • A artisan lip balm made from Hope Honey Farm's own beeswax! 


          Send a Bee and Balloons!  


Send an Imagine Plush bee and 3 to 12 hand-picked helium balloons, or a vase of hand-twisted balloon flowers, to someone special in the Washington, D.C. area!  Orders fulfilled by Balloon Zoom.



Or #BeeFriend our bee at these independent stores:

  • Barstons Child's Play (Chevy Chase, D.C.)

  • Sullivan's Toys &  Art Supplies (Tenleytown, D.C.)

  • Anglo Dutch Pools & Toys (Bethesda, MD)

  • The Bee Store (Woodbridge, VA)

  • Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery and General Store (Hyattsville, MD)

  • Serenity Gift Shop at Sibley Memorial Hospital (Washington, D.C.)

  • Janice's Gift Shop at Suburban Hospital (Bethesda, MD)

  • American Plant (Bethesda, MD)

  • Mann Lake Ltd.

  • The Savannah Bee Company (Savannah, GA)

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