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BeeFriend Me!

This super soft plush bee is a huggable handful at approximately ten inches tall and more than seventeen inches around its chubby belly.  With its friendly embroidered features and floppy antenna, it's perfect for outdoor adventures or bedtime snuggling.


Best of all, every sale supports the Pollinator Partnership, the world's largest non-profit dedicated to protecting bees and other pollinators through research, conservation and education.  

Visit one of our fabulous partners to BeeFriend a bee today. Or scroll down to learn more about how our bee came to bee!

The Making Of Our Bee

The first sketches were done on a half-used, dog-eared legal pad.  But, already, I could see this bee in three dimensions, from the soft furry fabric of its stripes, to its touchable antennae. 

The first prototype was  . . . a little off! The wings weren't the shape I'd drawn, the bee's neck was too thick.  Its tiny stinger was nearly invisible.  And the colors were garish!  I sent things back for a second try. 

July 2016.  First Sketches.

August 2016.  First Prototype.

August 2016.  Second Prototype

This one was better!  The wings were the right shape, and the face color was a bit better, but there were still changes to be made.

December 2016.  Third Prototype.

Getting closer!  The fabric choices were still off, and the manufacturer was still looking for the matching minky fur for the face, but we were ready to see embroidery.

January 2017.  Fourth Prototype.

Almost done!  Although the face was pretty cute with its new, minky fabric, the embroidery needed just a tiny bit of adjustment.  Noor drew the corrections on a piece of parchment paper and overlay it on a digital photo, so the manufacturer had a clear idea of what needed to be done. 

What's Next for Imagine Plush?

Stay tuned to learn what's next for Imagine Plush!

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