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Meet Our Parters: Anglo Dutch Pools & Toys

One of my favorite things about living in Washington, D.C., is the large number of independent toy stores in the area. With this post, I'd like to introduce you to Anglo Dutch Pools & Toys in Bethesda, MD.

This wonderful mom and pop store, which opened in 1985, is one of the places I begged my mom to take me to when I was in elementary school, because it was filled with treasures I couldn't find at a chain store. Games that made me and my sisters think. Beautiful European toys like Rody (pictured below), which was my beloved companion for years (and is still in my basement, because I refuse to part with it).

The toys are unique because owner Solie Darvish and his family care about the kids who shop there. Being a neighborhood toy store, said Solie's daughter, Francesca, is an opportunity to build relationships.

And now I have another reason to love this store: Anglo Dutch Pools & Toys is the first local store to pre-order the Imagine Plush bee!

Please make a point to visit this gem of a store next time you're looking for a toy. (And make sure to look for my bee while you're there!)

Visit Anglo Dutch Pools & Toys at 5460 Westward Avenue, in Bethesda, MD, or on the web, at

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