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3 Ways to Help Pollinators Now

5 Ways to Help Pollinators Now | Imagine Plush | DC

Most people think a lot about bees only in the spring and summer, when these amazing little insects are buzzing about our gardens and baseball games. But bees need our help all year round! Below are Imagine Plush's top 3 suggestions to help bees this holiday season.

Leave Your Leaves! If you're a procrastinator, you'll love this tip! Honeybees ride out the winter in their hives. But bumblebee queens hibernate in tiny nests a few centimeters below the ground's surface. And solitary bees lay their eggs in your yard and in the hollows of branches. When you rake deeply, till, and get rid of all the dead wood in your yard in the Fall and Winter, you may be getting rid of next year's bees as well! To be bee-friendly, wait until the weather has warmed in Spring before cleaning up.

Plan Your Spring Garden! Those first few blooms of the year are extremely important for hungry bees. With a little planning now, your spring garden can be an invaluable source of food for countless bees trying to survive until the bounty of summer blooms blossom in your neighborhood.

Gift Bee Research! Donate $30 or more to the Pollinator Partnership's Honeybee Health Research efforts in someone's name, and get a beautiful, full-color, Bee Merry e-certificate to print out and present. E-certificates will be sent only until noon on December 21! Click here to get yours!

And, of course, you can always BeeFriend an Imagine Plush Bee!

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