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Meet Our Partners: Mann Lake Ltd.

Imagine Plush Bees

I am more than excited to introduce you to our new partner, Mann Lake Ltd.

I first heard about Mann Lake when I went to the Virginia State Beekeepers Association's 100th Anniversary Meeting in Roanoke, Virginia last summer. It was my first-ever beekeepers conference, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of friendly suggestions people made. The suggestion that stuck with me was to learn about Mann Lake.

For those of you who don't know, Mann Lake, which is based in Minnesota, sells almost everything bee-related you can think of, to everyone from hobbyist beekeepers and bee enthusiasts to professional beekeepers. It was started thirty-five years ago by two people -- Jack and Betty Thomas -- who were as passionate about bees as I am.

Mann Lake is much larger today! It has eight stores across the country. However, I love that it started small, and working with Mann Lake's senior purchasing agent was as comfortable as talking to any small business owner.

I'm thrilled to partner with them! Check them out here.

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