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Meet Our Partners: Hope Honey Farms

One of the things I love about running a bee-centered business is meeting other bee lovers! Meet our partner in creating the Imagine Plush Raw Honey Gift Set: Maggie, the beekeeper and owner of Hope Honey Farms, the only certified naturally grown apiary inside the D.C. beltway.

The certification, which is the "organic" equivalent for U.S. honey, Maggie explained,means that she focuses on her bees' health first, and their production of honey and beeswax second. She harvests sustainably, and doesn't feed her bees corn syrup or synthetic pollen.

The Imagine Plush Raw Honey Gift Set includes a mini bear of raw honey, a beeswax lip balm created from Hope Honey Farm's own beeswax, and an Imagine Plush Bee and, as always, every sale supports bee and pollinator research, education and conservation through Pollinator Partnership. A limited number of sets are available through our Etsy Store for $31.99, so buy one while they last!

Click here to visit our Etsy store and buy a bee! To learn more about Hope Honey Farm, visit

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