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Meet Our Partners: The Bee Store

One of the things I love about running a bee-focused business is meeting other people who are as fascinated by bees as I am!

Our newest partner, former Green Beret John Klapperich (pictured below in front of his store), is a beekeeper who recently opened a one-of-a-kind bee boutique that's quickly become a destination spot for bee lovers in the D.C. area.

John Klapperich in front of The Bee Store

Part of the draw is Klapperich's own, locally-harvested honey. But his store is a treasure-trove of bee-related merchandise. Want bee baby booties? He's got them! Bee jewelry? He's got that, too. Books? Yes. Art? Yes. Beekeeping supplies? You're covered!

You can learn more about John and his apiary (bee hives!), and how Virginia bees survive cold winters, in the video below!


Visit The Bee Store in person at the Tackett's Mill Shopping Center, 2241 Old Bridge Rd, in Lake Ridge, VA, or online at

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