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Meet Our Partners: The Savannah Bee Company

Noor at the Savannah Bee Company

Every summer, when my family makes its way down to Florida, we typically stay in Savannah, Georgia for a night. We love walking the waterfront, and looking at all of the stores. One of my favorite stores to visit is the Savannah Bee Company. I love it because the store is filled not only with fun facts about bees, and everything from bee lip balms to candles, but so many different honeys to try. (Tip: Try them all!)

On this last visit, we bought jars of Tupelo honey, which tastes a bit like a warm chai.

The one thing missing from this amazing store, up until recently, was a plush! Much to my delight, the Savannah Bee Company is my newest partner. If you're heading to Savannah, even for a night, I highly suggest checking out the store. It's a joy to explore.

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